Tribble & Mancenido

12MAY - extended through 24JUNE

Atwood Rd (2018)

Grid #10 (2018)

Grid #11 (2018)

Tribble & Mancenido twine their lived experience as a couple with minimalist aesthetics, muddying reduction with subjectivity, in their solo-exhibition titled HOME, their first with the Cathouse project.


HOME exhibits three major statements from Tribble & Mancenido’s Atwood Rd and Grid series, which employ photography as a foundation but also, in this gallery installation, build space. Significance is constructed from inherited tropes of the American minimalist tradition, nurtured with autobiographical references from the artists’ lived lives and mixed heritage, Tribble being African-American from rural South Carolina and Mancenido first generation Filipino-American. 


The Atwood Rd series features a single sober, frontal shot of the couple’s first house together upstate New York that is put through the paces of serial scrutiny lending this humble house the iconic and mnemonic presence of home.


The Grid series combine refracted and fragmented photographs of the loaded landscapes of the American South with references to the Filipino flag, which is chosen as much for its cultural reference as for the fact that it is composed of primary colors.


Tribble & Mancenido are NYC-based collaborative artists whose work challenges the everyday perceptions of our environments with close studies of photography’s materiality and dynamics; they are no strangers to being both voyeur and subject. For example, they embarked on a venture across the States highlighting the journey of American truckers, driving and living out of an eighteen-wheeler for over a year to create the series, Hurry Up & Wait. They have shown in solo and group exhibitions domestically and internationally at Sasha Wolf Gallery, The Studio Museum of Harlem, Glasshouse, Carriage Trade and Werkstadt Graz to name a few. Reviews and features of their work have appeared in publications such as The New York Times, The New Yorker, Vice, NPR, ArtInfo, Bomblog, and Bloomberg Business Week among others. They received their joint MFA from the School of Visual Arts.