Daniel Swanigan Snow

Feo, Fuerte y Formal

January 27 - March 11, 2018

"A Stitch in Time" (2016)

"A Stitch in Time" (detail, 2016)

"Don't Leave Me Hanging" (2016)

"Kind of Brown" (2016)

"Bushman" (2015)

"Southern Exposure" (2016)

photos by Dario Lasagni


Daniel Swanigan Snow with "Bushman"

Daniel Swanigan Snow
“Feo, Fuerte y Formal”


opening Saturday, January 27, 6-9PM

through March 4, 2018


Cathouse Proper is pleased to present “Feo, Fuerte y Formal,” an installation of large scale sculpture culled from Daniel Swanigan Snow’s enchanted garden in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. This is Snow’s second solo exhibition with the Cathouse project and follows soon after last weekend’s third consecutive solo showing of Snow by Cathouse Proper at the Outsider Art Fair, NYC. 


Among the large scale sculptures that will be installed are “A Stitch in Time,” a towering work with three balls of colored string that has been patiently waiting for two years in Snow’s art garden to be properly unfurled. Appropriately, “A Stitch in Time” circumscribes the gallery, uniting the space, the art, and those of us therein; framing the scene for Snow’s drama of internally lit and aural sculptural assemblage.


Daniel Swanigan Snow was born in Pittsburgh, PA in 1951 and moved to New York City in the distant, dark days of the 1970s to pursue acting. As a character actor, Snow is familiar with transformation, and since the age of 54, over ten years ago, he has been feverishly transforming objects into art. Despite coming to art late, or perhaps because of it, Snow’s work is created with all the jouissance of a youthful insouciance. In “Feo, Fuerte y Formal,” expect to see a vigorous, yet shadowy material engagement, assembled with sharp social critique and whimsy.


Cathouse Proper at 524 Projects

524 Court Street, Brooklyn

(entrance on Huntington St., 2nd fl.)

hours: Friday - Sunday, 12-6pm


For more information contact David Dixon at:

CathouseFUNeral@gmail.com / 646-729-4682

Outsider Art Fair, NYC, 2018

"Sign of the Times" (2016)

"The Letter J" (2017)

"Tar-Baby" (2017)

"Fools Gold" (2016)


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