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1 Cathouse FUNeral _ Proper photo album_

This handmade photo album is ready for order. The cost is $350, tax included, a down payment of $150 will get me started making yours. Email me with orders or questions at with PHOTO ALBUM in the subject line. We accept check, Venmo, Zelle, or cash.


The book is titled ‘Cathouse FUNeral / Proper: No Alpha and/or Omega’; it covers our gallery’s ten-years of activity. The photos (examples below) are not only of artwork, but of events, promotional images, ephemera, and the people in and around the gallery; some of the images will remain enigmatic. The criterion for selection is difficult to define, these are not necessarily “the best” photos, but they are the images that have stuck in my mind over the gallery’s years of operation. All of our over fifty exhibitions, and many of the events, are represented in one way or the other.


The concept for the book, I hope you will agree, is an interesting one. The photo album is an 8.5 x 11 inch book filled with printed photographs, each 4 x 6 inches or smaller, depending on the aspect ratio. There is interleaving between each page to protect the photos, creating a book that looks like an overstuffed New York deli sandwich, a sculptural profile with which I am very pleased. There are 116 pages and exactly 236 printed photos glued into the book. The interesting part of this is that the photos are arranged (curated) differently for each book. In other words, each book is a unique arrangement of the same 236 photos. The arrangement of photos is never random; each image is placed to function well with its adjacent images. There are - potentially – countless ways that this can be accomplished successfully. We shall find out.


Considering this layout concept, this is not a limited edition book, each one is unique, and I will make as many as there are orders for. It seems like it is going to take me about two days to make each book. For the introductory offer, the price is $350. That price will go up after the first wave of interest, and my interest in making the books wanes.

I look forward to making one for you!

David Dixon 

Founding director of the Cathouse FUNeral / Proper gallery project

2 Cathouse FUNeral _ Proper photo album_
3 Cathouse FUNeral _ Proper photo album.jpg
4 Cathouse FUNeral _ Proper photo album.jpg
5 Cathouse FUNeral _ Proper photo album.jpg
6 Cathouse FUNeral _ Proper photo album.jpg
7 Cathouse FUNeral _ Proper photo album.jpg
8 Cathouse FUNeral _ Proper photo album.jpg
9 Cathouse FUNeral _ Proper photo album.jpg
10 Cathouse FUNeral _ Proper photo album
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