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'A Sound of Teaching with Bethany Ides' hosted by Tim Simonds 

This episode of 'Tongue and Cheek' was broadcast on:

-Montez Press Radio, March 27, 2021 (

-Wave Farm, April 6, 2021 (


The corporeal, non-corporeal and architectural relationships in teaching. The possibility of play, being many roles, and being inhospitable in and out of the classroom (on and off zoom). Exercise: renaming the zones of the place you are in. 


Bethany Ides is a Rondout Valley-based writer, artist, teacher, theater-maker, organizer, & Co-Director of DOORS UNLIMITED, which is a generative structure for investigative operatics & speculative folklife. Her performative propositions have been hosted by Harbourfront Centre, Knockdown Center, Brooklyn Museum, Fragmental Museum, Mandragoras Art Space, Tritriangle, FADO Performance Art Centre, the Prattsville Art Center, SenseLab, CounterPULSE, Dixon Place, Sunview Luncheonette, Worksound Gallery, St Marks Poetry Project, & digital space subleased by Facebook/Instagram to BOMB magazine. Her most recent poetry, scripts, critical-theoretical essays, & collaborative projects have appeared in The Candidate Journal: Psychoanalytic Current, C Magazine, Ear | Wave | Event, Temporary Art Review, Feminist Temporalities, Orange Mercury, and fields magazine. She is an Adjunct Associate Professor in Humanities & Media Studies at Pratt Institute where she teaches courses on things like pleasure, play, & pedagogy.

'Tongue and Cheek' is a live radio series of kinesthetic exercises, interviews and archival sound. Exercises for warming up our means of communication. 'Tongue and Cheek' is made up of a group of New York based visual artists and performative writers, Aaron Lehman, Emma McCormick-Goodhart, and Tim Simonds. Between the three of them their interests touch upon rituals of learning, acoustic spaces, and the ways language, design and technology extend the human body. 


'Tongue and Cheek' is a recurring broadcast, last Saturdays of the month, 11 AM -Noon, on Montez Press Radio and first Tuesdays of the month on WGXC, Wave Farm radio (90.7 FM, Acra, Hudson Valley, NY)


'Tongue and Cheek' was first developed and aired on Montez Press Radio beginning in the summer of 2018. Montez Press Radio is an experimental radio station and commissioning platform for unexpected works from artists and other creative voices. 

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